Monday, October 31, 2005

Good-bye Dad

My dad passed away on Saturday, Oct. 29th, 2005 after a long battle with liver cancer. I am in a weird space and preparing mentally and emotionally for his funeral. He was an absentee dad while I was growing up, and in my mid 20's I thought of writing him out of my life. But I decided rather than having life-long resentment toward him, that I would forgive him for not being the dad I wanted or deserved. I accepted that he did what he could. He was going to be my dad for as long as he lived, so I decided to have some type of relationship with him. I’m glad I did. My stepfather raised me, but I will always have only one biological dad: the one that gave me life, and for that I am grateful. Enjoy life; appreciate it, and the people in it that you care about. Don't hold grudges, accept people for who they are, and treat them well.

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