Tuesday, March 09, 2004


At the present time my career goals are prominent on my mind. I enjoy my job, however it's not a career. I am searching for a career in which I can put my years of community involvement and communications work to good use. I'm conflicted in which direction to focus my energies. This May I complete work on a master's in corporate communication and am most interested in working for the communications department of a non-profit, government or educational institution. Marketing an organization's goals is of great interest, along with media relations and having an opportunity to hone my writing skills on a daily basis. I would also like to be employed with an organization that is large enough to offer future growth opportunities. I'll focus on communication related positions, though I am not sure if my focus should be general marketing and interpersonal communications, media relations or writing/editing. The theory here for me is to focus on what I want, and visualize it until it materializes, however the challenge is not being fully sure of what type of position to create for me in my mind. I'll continue to put the good energy out there and hope that the universe will bring me what I need.