Friday, January 30, 2009


Is our life drawn out for us ahead of time or do we have control over where we end up? If you let go of trying to control every thing in your life, do you end up where you were suppose to all along? Or does every decision you make put you in a different place? I wonder if my life is predestined no matter what I do or can I create the life I want and deserve? Or am I living the life I was brought here to live? I just had a birthday and have been thinking a great deal about where I am in my life. Sometimes I feel like life should be more than it is, and other times I know I am just where I need to be. Sometimes I stress myself out wondering too much about it all. I know I just have to have faith in a higher power and believe the universe has had and continues to have a plan for me. I may not know exactly what it is, but I have to believe I have had a purpose here and will continue to have one until my journey here on Earth is over.