Friday, June 13, 2003

Accidental Death

An 18 year-old cousin of mine was killed in a vehicle accident last month, triggering many questions about life, death, and my purpose here on Earth. He was such a cute kid. Great smile, very personable. My mother told me lots of people came out to his funeral in Puerto Rico. She and others in my family were quite surprised by the number of people who came out to pay their respects. He was greatly liked and admired. My aunt, of course, was devastated. In shock for the first few days and then questioning why God had taken her son. There's no easy answer to that question. His death has surely changed everyone in my family. His death made the uncertainty of life crystal clear to all of us. Maybe his purpose in this world was completed? Maybe he has a higher purpose where he is now? Maybe his death is suppose to teach me, his mother, and my family in general something? Maybe his death will leave a lasting impression on every one who knew him? I did not get to know him well, but I will always remember his handsome face and that bright smile. Death is part of life and we just have to accept that our loved ones will leave us eventually, or we may leave them first. I just have to remember to cherish each day and make a difference in the world every chance I get.

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