Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hang In There

The economy has a lot of people full with fear and frustration. The country's financial uncertainty has many, including myself, wondering what the future holds. Sometimes this crazy climate pulls me down and makes me feel like giving up hope. But I hang in there.

Some friends are going through the same thing, and I know of an entire online community that shares their hopes and dreams and lean on each other for support during these turbulent times. We can all relate to our individual struggles and I know touching base and sharing our experiences help us hang in there.

The stock market has been flying up and down like a raging rollercoaster out of control. Sometimes my emotions feel the same way, but I find ways try to keep them in check. I hang in there.

Sometimes I do feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. Sometimes I do feel like becoming reclusive, hiding out like a hermit, but I continue to show up for life. I keep on trying, keep on holding on to hope, keep on wishing for the best, and keep on making moves.

I have to keep on hanging in there because the alternative is just not an option.

So no matter how tough it all gets, hang in there.

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