Friday, June 06, 2003

Challenges of Life

The difficulties and challenges of life sometimes weigh us down and make us wonder what's it all about. The meaning of life and our purpose on Earth is an ancient question, with very few clear answers over the ages. We have to find our own meaning in life and our own mission. My life is no different. I have faced many challenges and will continue to do so through my journey. However, I try to find the strength within to get past difficult obstacles and find the silver lining in all tragedies. Life is a struggle. But if I focus on the bigger picture of why I'm here and what I hope to get out of my experience in the world, major barriers seem less significant. I've created this blog to jot down my personal thoughts about life's struggles and challenges and what I have and will continue to learn from them. There is no one way to go through life. This is just mine.

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